water damage cleanup When your property suffered water damage or flooding, a wet/dry vacuum cannot properly take care of the problem. All water damage is not the same depending on how the damage happened.

  • Clean Water: This type of water damage is from water coming from frozen or broken pipes,water heaters, leaking roofs, etc.
  • Grey Water: This damage results from water that has been used, typically for cleaning. It comes from appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, tub overflows and spas and can contain contamination from common soils, such as food, laundry, body oils, etc.
  • Black Water/Sewage: This is a serious type of water damage. It contains human and/or animal waste. It typically comes from toilets, sewers and septic system backups. Black water carries disease-causing viruses and bacteria, and can cause very serious illness if not mitigated properly.

There are different mitigation processes for each kind of water damage, each must be handled correctly to prevent further damage or health concerns.

cleanup water extraction

Our technicians are industry-trained and certified to properly perform water damage restoration. Every technician is IICRC Certified.

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